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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I voted last night and am much relieved to have that behind me. Wake me up for inauguration.

I ended up voting for Obama. I wanted to vote for Barr, but I just never got the impression he was even trying. It was as much a vote against McCain as it was for Obama. I think Obama is clearly the better man, the smarter man, and the man with the better policies. I hope McCain gets hit by a bus or is in another plane crash.

I voted against personhood at conception. If they were to define personhood as beginning once the subject can pronounce personhood in their native tongue, I'd vote for it. Earlier than that and you're nothing more than an extension of the parents - the mother at least.

I voted for higher taxes on oil companies given that Colorado has the lowest extraction taxes in the region and the oil and gas companies are getting rich destroying our outdoors.

I voted for making it illegal to force union membership. Unions were an important force in the 19th and early 20th century, but their time has passed. Today they seem to serve only to make it impossible to fire the incompetent and to abet illegal immigrants in their identity theft schemes. I was in a laborers' union at one point, and I did not like the experience.

I voted not to kill TABOR. I'm fearful that one may pass though. There just hasn't been enough in the press or even in advertisements about it. Or maybe there has. I don't listen to the radio and virtually never watch tv and don't read the local papers, so I might be missing something. Killing TABOR will almost certainly mean permanently increasing taxes in the state. Of course permanently higher taxes (on a national level) seem a virtual inevitability at this point given the mess we're in with entitlement programs, war spending, and corporate bailouts.

I voted for the removal of obsolete language that could allow for the return of saloons in Colorado. Currently, you can't sell booze here unless you also serve a hot meal.

I voted to make it harder for citizens to amend the state constitution with an offsetting measure that makes law changes slightly easier. Most of these things should be handled statutorily and not constitutionally.

I voted for Udall in the Senate because everything I've seen or heard about Schaeffer suggests he's a douche.

I voted for the Libertarian running against DeGette in Congress as she doesn't much appeal to me and I didn't know anything about the Republican.

I voted to retain all the judges. I figure there's a certain amount of efficiency gained from keeping the ones you've already got.

I didn't vote for the district attorney who was running unopposed. I can't recall why I don't like the guy, but something tells me I don't like the guy. I'd probably never like anyone in that position. Well, I guess I did like that guy that Fred Thompson played.

I voted against increasing my property taxes to pay for schools for other peoples' children.

I voted against increasing the gaming limits in Cripple Creek, Central City, and Blackhawk. This was an end run around TABOR to make it harder to raise taxes on the gambling industry. I don't care any more much one way or another about gambling. Given, however, that the house always wins and that it is an industry designed to bleed all possible money from its clientele, I support taxing the hell out of it.

Voting was very easy on a cold, rainy night. It took me 25 minutes and that includes the time it took me to drive down to the rec center and back. I'm glad I won't have to deal with any of the lines and chaos that are sure to accompany election day.

Your turn: go vote for change.