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Thursday, May 15, 2003

I leave tomorrow for vacation, return a week from Sunday, have Memorial Day off, and then start my new job on Tuesday. How's that for good timing? It's a big relief to have found a job before I leave, but I'll still be a little apprehensive until I actually have a few days or weeks under my belt to confirm that it's not some sort of scam. I have such a sour taste in my mouth from some of the interviews I've been on and some of the people that I have talked to that I can't seem to stop being suspicious of my soon to be employer. I keep telling people that I am a little bit nervous and a lot a bit excited. But first there is partying and relaxing to be done. Stu has all of the details of our wonderful trip that he has so painstakingly put together. Thanks Stu! I hope that I don't drive my shipmates crazy and end up stranded on some little piece of tropical heaven -- though worse fates could befall me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Congratulate Me

I got my first Fark submission accepted today. It's the same as the link from today's Quote of the Day below. My original subscription added, "Aarkieboy sympathizes." The moderators editted that out, but it must have been enough to at least catch their attention. It's probably for the best. I don't want to start any sort of flame war with the Photoshop Master.

Oh, and I got a job too. There'll be more on that later. I wrote a bunch about it last night in an email and will have to talk a bunch about it tonight with my folks when I call to wish my father a happy birthday. Right now my thoughts on the opportunity are still a little scrambled. Once I have an opportunity to think on it a little more, I'll share all of the details.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Reading Materials

If today's news interested you, you might also enjoy The Monkey Handlers by G. Gordon Liddy. It's been a long time since I read it, but I certainly remember it being a good book.

I went down to the Tattered Cover yesterday to find some reading material for my vacation. I picked up Holes and Seabiscuit for light reading on the airplane. Grabbing two more fanciful books made me feel like I should grab something a bit more weighty too. I doubt I'll finish it, and I may not even start it, but I feel like I should read it because I've never read any of her stuff and the references are ubiquitous, so I grabbed Atlas Shrugged too.

It was thie first time in a long time that I had purchased books from anywhere other than Amazon. I felt a little guilty doing so. Shouldn't I - as a citizen of the 21st Century - be supporting e-commerce? I'll generally shop online if given the choice. I didn't like having to stop and ask someone whether Holes and Seabiscuit were available in paperback and then to point me in the right direction. On Amazon I can figure that out all by myself. Monetarily, two of the books were the same price while I paid about $6.50 too much for Seabiscuit. Of course, I didn't have to pay shipping and handling and I was able to walk home with the books yesterday. That's really what it came down to: I waited until the last minute to buy my reading materials, so I had to shop locally.

Quote of the Day

"He said his male breasts affected his self-esteem tremendously."

In Colorado, the Times are Tough

"How tough are they?" you oblige. Things are so tough that paroled criminals are returning to jail asking to be locked back up. There's no work anyway, so some folks are deciding that a roof over their heads and three squares a day is worth the limited freedom.

Well, if my luck doesn't change for the better soon, I may have to see about having my parole revoked. No matter that I've never been accused of a crime much less convicted, sentenced, and paroled. I'm sure the red tape is so tightly wound that it would be weeks before they realized I wasn't supposed to be there. Of course, that same red tape might make it tough to get out if I tired of my living arrangements.

Saturday, May 10, 2003
Snow Storm

It's not unusual for me to see snow on my birthday in December. For my brother to see snow today on his birthday is a bit more unusual. I had dinner with my brother last night. When I went to leave for home, I had to brush the snow off my car. On the drive home it looked like a full-on blizzard. The snow was coming down hard. By the time I woke up this morning we had about three inches. In May. The foothills and some areas down south received closer to a foot of snow. A-Basin has reported new snow for something like four out the past six days.

I love it! Next week I will get to ski and lay on the beach within a day or two of each other. I'm looking forward to both.

Happy Birthday Peter!

Tilley Hats

I'm pretty excited to be getting my first Tilley Hat on Monday. I stumbled across these in the mall back around Christmas time and made a note to myself to go back and buy one next time I was in the market for a hat. Well, with my big sailing adventure just around the corner, I decided that I could use a good hat. I returned to the Colorado Hat Company where I had initially seen the hat. Perhaps not surprisingly, they did not have a hat big enough for my big, giant head. I returned home to look online for the hat. Turns out that Tilley sells their hats online and has a pretty nice website. The hats were actually a bit more expensive online even before shipping costs. Just another cost of having an enormous noggin.

"Well, what's so great about these Tilley hats anyway?" you ask. Well, in addition to being standard issue for at least some of the Canadian armed forces, the hats are guaranteed for life and insured against loss for the first two years. If during the first two years something happens to your hat, like say your dog eats it, they'll give you a new one for half price. If it ever wears out due to useage, they'll replace it for free. It's a nice looking hat with all sorts of neat little features. On top of everything else, the owners of the hats form somewhat of a cult dedicated to prophesizing the wonders of the hat. The site is filled with anecdotes of travelers meeting other like souls based upon their headware.

Another Internet Survey

I never really think of myself as a cat person, but perhaps I was wrong. This was a more interesting survey than most for me if for no other reason than I thought there was actually an appropriate answer in each of the categories that generally fit for me. I found this over at Quit That! where you'll find more on cats as an apertif.

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

I think it's fairly accurate. At the least, it's fairly accurate in terms of how I perceive myself.

Friday, May 09, 2003

The governor of North Carolina avoided injury when his NECKCAR hit the wall at 165 mph. It strikes me that perhaps this would be a good way to get rid of Mr. Clinton: let him get behind the wheel of a race car and make left turns while hootin' and hollerin'. I think we all know he'd be real into that.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003
'Tard Blog

Here's the link to the 'tard blog that I know you've been looking for. I actually was looking for this recently. I had stumbled over the archives in a Google search, but the original was gone and there was only the cached copy. Now I've found the blog and this picture which wasn't on the site but should have been.

Parenting Skills

A 13 year old boy was killed in front of my house on Thursday night while I was watching ER. Yesterday, four days after the accident, the boy's mother finally decided it was odd that her son hadn't come home. He was 13. He was gone for four days. His mom didn't come looking for him. His sister didn't come looking for him. His teachers didn't come looking for him. The school principal and administrators didn't come looking for him.

Family values, or some such - I guess.


Today's Garfield pretty much sums up why I am unemployed rather than living in Florida.

Monday, May 05, 2003
Derby Takes

The siblings and I went to the OTB to take in the Derby. I didn't pick the winner, but I didn't lose too much on the race since I hedged with some show bets on Peace Rules and Empire Maker. It was no surprise to find those two in the money even if they didn't trot away in a blanket of roses. As much as anything, I think the race bodes well for the Preakness. Empire Maker and Peace Rules may be just the power-rivalry to entertain enthusiasts for years to come. These are two real good horses who have both already topped the seven-figure mark in lifetime earnings. Hopefully they'll be head-to-head challengers for long after the Visa Triple Crown Challenge ends.

Update: The Deby always tends to bring out the best in sports writers. Here's a summary of the day from a better wordsmith than I.

Friday, May 02, 2003
Extreme Weight Loss Tips Wanted

I have 13 days to lose 13 pounds. (And even if I accomplish that, I'll still be the fattest one on the boat.) Does anyone have any advice for me? No, Vince, not that kind of advice.

A Common Story

I fear the day is not far off before we will all have stories similar to this (use user id & password = 456123). There's a war going on and everyone is a suspect. In Georgia students are voluntarily segregrating their prom celebrations along white and black lines. How long before whites and blacks in fairly well integrated population centers like New York City and Washington DC and Los Angeles begin to voluntarily segregate themselves from Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, and others with similarly colored skin? Why put yourself in a position where you could get caught up in one of these raids? When the raiders are so cavalier in their attitudes, why take a chance? Avoid Indian cafes. Stay away from the hummus carts. Don't go to the McDonald's where the kitchen staff is predominantly foreign. You could get caught up in an investigation deemed to be under the guise of the Patriot Act, and like the officer said, it could be a day or a week or a month before you can even call for help.