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Sunday, April 30, 2006
I prefer...

...to have every conversation at least one or twice in my head before I have it for real, out-loud.

Boulder Fun

Last Saturday (eight days past), I went to a show at the Boulder Theater. I hadn't been to Boulder for well over a year, and I had never been to the venue. The line up was The Milkshakes, Mad Happy, and Dressy Bessy.

The Milkshakes were a two-piece with a guy on the drums and a singer with a guitar. The singer could've been the protagonist of the new Dr. Frank book, King Dork, five years hence. I was really surprised after the set to see that he was old enough to be drinking. But for what appeared to be a couple of kids, these two guys rocked. There couldn't have been more then about 40 or 50 people in the whole place when they played, but they definitely were fun. They played this one among eight or nine others. The lyrics there are a bit juvenile, and that is a limited problem across the songs. But I think you'll agree that the music rocks pretty good.

I bought a cd from the kid at the end of the night for $10. That's $10 bucks + $12 bucks for the ticket + $20 bucks on beer that I wouldn't have spent had I not been previously exposed to the headliner band via filesharing. Versus the average consumer, I suspect that I spend more music-related dollars than folks who concentrate their spending on cds. / end-side-free-market-pro-consumerism-rant

Next was Mad Happy. I was mad that any one might have thought it was a good idea to let these two perform in front of an audience. They plugged their laptop into the sound system and then "performed" a synchronized-rap, poorly. They performed their act never varying from the script and never showing any talent or hint of creativity. It was awful. Mixed metaphors and lame attempts at political commentary combined with badly composed techno beats and the highly unerotic, incessant ab-shaking by both the skinny blonde girl from New Jersey and the skinny nearo-latino dude from New Jersey. I'll say it a little more clearly: Mad Happy suck!

Dressy Bessy headlined. They frickin' rocked. I am so happy to find out that these guys are from Denver and play around here fairly frequently. They were headed to London after Boulder but have a show here in another week and a half (that link shows they're in Sweden next week). I'll be psyched for that one too as I've not been to the venue, High Dive. I think these guys should be the next Blondie. I mean that in the happiest, most-rocking sense. I think I fell a little bit in love the singer too.


This is my second consecutive weekend during which bourbon has played a prominent role. 'tis the season, I suppose. Not sure what my plans are for next weekend. I hope I can go ski. I'm still looking to get one or two more days in.

So Bad, It's Gotta Be Good

One too many negative media stories about MySpace finally convinced me to signup. My thoughts thus far are mixed. I do get the crack-like quality that so many speak of. But it also seems filled with lots of hookers and various other scams and hucksters. It's relatively interesting to look for 2-off and 3-off connections. I found this guy whom I went to college with; he was one funny dude. Good guy as I recall. I don't really care for the put-a-friend-on-the-list / send-a-friend-request / take-a-friend-off-the-list game. It seems more childish than necessary. I dislike it too because for some reason I am by nature suspicious of those who offer the salutation, "friend," so eagerly. I hate the fact that 19 out of 20 profiles don't fit the screen. And of course the grammar and punctuation bring me nearly to a fit. I guess I'll be pointing people from here to there, and, perhaps more frequently, from there to here. That's a dating site, and this is -- well, this is whatever this is. Typing practice. My diary. Proof of borderline technological know-how, creativity, and personality. Opaque window to my thoughts. Something to do when my personality has been chemically altered.

Hockey Thoughts

It seems to me that one of the best things that could happen to NHL hockey right now would be to have the Red Wings and the Avs face each other in a competitive playoff series. After the troubles that hockey has had and after the huge shift of personnel across the league, it would seem to me that these two teams retain enough players from the heyday of the rivalry and have enough new players to perhaps help reinvigorate the rivalry that a second round series would be ideal for the league. The Avs took care of their part today - though I'm not entirely convinced they deserved to win that game: credit Theodore. Time for Legace to step up too.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

This Post Started Out as Something Completely Different, but by the Time I Was Finished, I Had Completely Forgotten My Original Point (and I Am Suprised That More of My Posts Don't Carry a Similar Title)

Stereotypes are internally bi-directional. That is, external, witnessed behaviors are catalogued and categorized and then filtered to match a type which has already undergone a similar process.

-- Elsewhere in the brain, personality associates itself with a sterotype. --

Then it happens backwards. Feeling is unfiltered, de-categorized, un-catalogued, and acted upon or fantasized, pretended or imagined.

Thus, we observe and then narrow, inward. And we feel and then explode, outward.

I fear it will make no sense tomorrow. Tonight, I take another step closer to understanding my programming.

Country or Clever?

I'm working on tomorrow's hangover tonight!

Friday, April 21, 2006
How to Rock

Or at least how I hope to be rocked tonight. It's a Phenomena.

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Drunk by Noon

What I went to tonight was not what I thought I was going to tonight.

I thought I was going to see a feature-length movie called Drunk by Noon. It turned out to be the highlighted presentation at an emerging filmmakers local presentation night. It's part sponsored by those culture and science bonds we voted for a year or so back so other people donate too. Breckenridge Brewery kicks in a keg of beer. $5 gets you in the door and then the beer is free as long as it lasts. The beer outlasted the folks tonight. We all had three.

We watched 4 short movies and a trailer. Drunk by Noon was the longest at 21 minutes. There were 13 and 11 and 10 minute ones to go along with the 2 minute trailer. The first one, Watercooler, was the best. Kind of like an entire episode of The Office crammed into 10 minutes. Not great, but best.

My sister's comment on leaving was that it makes you appreciate professional actors. I pointed out how much better the editting and production that I've seen my buddy Stu do is. The film guys were there. They said they were working in Final Cut Pro. Nothing that you're not doing. You should start getting into some short films.

All in all it was a pretty cool deal. They do it at this cool little 90 or so person theater in north Denver called the Bug. I'll do it again, for sure.

Hockey, Couple Weeks Back

Thanks to Sandy for the tickets and to Alexa for the seats! Roughly tenth row behind the 1st/3rd home goal. Very nice.

Website Maintenance

I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me last night. Yeah, I know, I should have been doing this blogging then. Instead, I worked on some website issues. I added a robots.txt file, but couldn't figure out (until right before I finally went to sleep) where to place the files for the subdomains. I'll get those added next week. They should drastically reduce my hits because so much of the search engine traffic that comes my way is for a few random, dumb images. I'm using robots to get the images directory off the search indexes. Of course they won't have any effect on you other 5 or 10 loyal readers.

I also set up blackholes for my emails. I get between 350 and 450 spam a day. Hopefully, this will clear that right up. All of those randomly generated addresses that were routing to my main account should now fall silently into the blackhole. I expect it will save me an hour-plus a week just from not downloading and then deleteing those.

Those couple of issues really only satisfy me, so I thought I spend a few quick minutes this morning throwing some content your way too.

Morning Types

I wake
and feel like
an eee enn tee jay,
but still remain eye enn tee pee.


I'm wearing my favorite socks today.

Monday, April 17, 2006
Lastest Internet Meme

Fibs are fun. Here's one from me.

have been
a poet.
To have sung of love -
Failing, exuberant, and true.

Monday, April 10, 2006
Protest March

So every illegal immigrant in the country takes the day off from work to march and nothing happens. No factories shut down. No stores run out of food. No grapes rot on the vines. And I'm supposed to believe our economy is critically dependent upon these people? Bullshit.

Sunday, April 09, 2006
Living Places

Missy likes NYC like Hyena likes Chicago.

She comments, "It's like I finally met my curious, introspective, funny, and weird soulmate in the form of concrete and 8 million people." That makes me want to go.

Her comment about still noticing new things makes me want to stay. There's still a lot of the outdoors here to inspire me. Maybe not inspire; maybe simply awe. Inspire makes it sound like it will move me to action whereas I am only likely to be moved to dream.

Monday, April 03, 2006
Bus Strike

Y'all know I'm no fan of unions. I think it's fair in today's atmosphere of incessant hyperbole and rampant overstatement to say that the striking RTD workers are as bad as Al-Qaeda terrorists.

There are approximately 1,750 people in the striking union. The vote failed when 55% of them voted no. The swing then was the less than 88 voters as surely not 100% voted. Because a few dozen terrorists were rallied to jihad by fundamentalist union leaders, the whole metropolis is on the verge of chaos.

Every time you pay the bus fare or buy a light rail ticket, you're supporting terrorists that are determined to strike again - probably tomorrow. If your employer pays this on your behalf, well, then it's fine for you to go ahead and ride: the terror complex already has the money, and the only thing you can do is to subversively destroy their machinery. You can try to break their spirits too, but you must be able to speak whatever language it is that those terrorists mumble.