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Thursday, February 28, 2002
"We have a poor mathematical, as well as a poor intuitive, understanding of the nature of coincidence." It looks like the six degrees of separation may have been manipulated.

I am working to get my email address posted permanently to the site. In the mean time, I am available via email at icanblog@ix.netcom.com.

Looks like it is working now. This is all pretty easy.

Can all of the folks involved here really not tell the difference between a penis and an udder? And it still doesn't explain where the udder came from. Those things don't just fall off if the milk maiden's hands are too cold, do they?

Were you on your knees looking to the skies last night? (via Drudge's daddy)

I have tried to get rid of the banner ad across the top here, but my payment confirmation tells me I paid to have it removed from blogger.com. Whoops! I must have screwed something up. I have appealed to the blog-gods for help.

UPDATE: Whoa. That was quick. Another great thing about Blogger: super-fast customer service. The ad was down within 10 minutes of my email explaining my screw-up. Cool. A lot of ISPs heavily promote the fact that they make available X megs of space for websites. I suspect that in the very near future they will have to also make available web logging technology. This is so easy that everyone will soon be playing with it.

Madden's a Fox? Out with Miller and Fouts? That's what it is starting to sound like.
I really like Cris Collinsworth as a tv personality on the Fox side. Madden is too old though. If I were Fox I would stay away from a contract of more than a year or two. The guy already seems to be losing his ability to clearly see and analyze the game.

The chances that you saw this article first from me are slim. (I found it on InstaPundit.) But, either way, this is a great article on the way that Google works and the way that blogs are influencing Google results.

Monday, February 25, 2002
I had forgotten that this genre had its own theme song.
Blog! by Blogger!

So, this is what all of the hype is about. Pretty cool!
And it is every bit as easy as they say.
I am rather surprised that the moniker was still available.
Hopefully I will be able to do something moderately interesting with it.