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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Saving Money is for Chumps

Interesting article from the NYT on why Americans don't save money: it doesn't make practical sense to.

"Why defer taxes if they're going only higher?"

Good question. I finally dropped my 401(k) deductions down with the idea that I'll direct the excess to my Roth which I didn't get around to funding either of the past two years.

I've been making conscious efforts lately to do the things that I'm smart enough to know better that I must do to improve my financial as well as my actual health. It's not fun. I find that all my day is spent denying myself one thing or another - be it food or extravagance. My hope is that in the long run it will pay off in accelerating the date when I can quit giving a damn because of my soundness of body and bank account - if not mind.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm working my way through the new Hillary Clinton book. It's good. Salacious. I find it interesting that we have reached a point where we can talk like this about our former presidents and first ladies. It's a well-documented gossip.

She's an interesting lady. I heard the rumors about her when I was in school as I happened to know a guy who occasionally worked in the White House and who was privy to at least some of the chains of gossip. I don't care if she eats the fish or the beef, but, regardless, I don't recall ever really liking her. I was excited that she spoke at our commencement, but I would have been excited for any first lady. As was routine in those days though poorly reported, she was booed during the health care portion of her speech.

Hyena just quoted a comment on the state of politicians today. Politics to me is an unappealing job that takes a real slime ball to do well. But at the same time, someone has to do it. The people, like Bill and Hillary, who just really, really, really wanna be politicians are an odd sort. The advance of modern media scrutiny and real time reporting of news and gossip combine and bring us to an age where it takes an even more peculiar sort to want to submit to the probing and the endless gauntlet. The further this goes, the more polarized everything seems to get. And the weirder the people that are willing to do the job.

Now back to my reading.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I fixed my storage limit. I can blog and receive spam again.

What Might Have Been

I think that if my buddy Stu had decided to be a rock star instead of a cop then he might have made music that sounded sort of like this: Lounger.