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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Call 'em ghosts; call 'em gods; call 'em spirits, angels, apiritions, visions, visitors from beyond, Kenny, poltergeists... Whatever you want to call them, I don't believe in 'em.

I don't care if your FAITH is in Casper or Jesus or a cow or one of them skinny-little-19-y/o-Mohammed-lovin'-suicide-bomber-wannabes, I don't believe it. But that is not to say that I won't be as happy as you are - when you are dead.

Your cause needs more people like you. Kill yourself.

Friday, July 08, 2005
Gonna Suck

Sward's been drinking for hours. I'm meeting him soon for several more hours of drinking.

Tomorrow: They Might Be Giants in Boulder with Jonny Six Pack. Trying to trick my sister into driving.

Sunday: Mick's throwing a barbeque.

Monday's: Gonna suck

Bud Light

My buddy, Jonny, always travels with a six-pack. Every time I see him, the guy's got cans of beer with him. We're becoming good pals.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I've virtually quit reading blogs. I check Hyena and Vince regularly and Missy and Muse sporadically. Other than that, I haven't been interested. It seems too much like reality tv to me somehow. The drama is manipulated and fake and ultimately completely unimportant. Like my television, I keep it turned off. Still, I hope you're here for the personal stuff. I haven't been linking to much outside stuff, and that is a trend I hope to continue - at least at the rare times I sit down to post.

Though I do have thoughts on the news:
Bush bicycle Nelson Ha! Ha!
Free Judith Miller
Gonzales worse than Ashcroft
Go Lance
RIAA wins Uh oh
Awesome Impact


I've been doing an excellent job lately of ignoring my stats. As I mentioned before, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out who was reading what when. Now I'm only peeking in once or twice a week. I was pleasantly surprised to see some old ML folks checking in. I had heard at one point that I had been banned there. Maybe whatever offensive words were on my frontpage have dropped off by now. Cool. Hi. Anyone need a job in Denver working in a Compliance department with me?

Had my first review at the new job today to learn how my real-life stats are shaping up half way through my first year. Needless to say, they love me. I like them pretty good too. I'm not real sure about the job somedays, but the company is decent.

Someday I may do a dissertation on corporate communication styles within financial organizations. It's a fascinating topic to me. I think the importance cannot be overstated, and one could make a fortune as a consultant. That side thought was brought to you by the recent juxtaposition of the new job and ML.


I dated a girl once (no, that's not the punchline) who I was just crazy about at the time. We dated for about six months. An odd realization hit me last night while lying in bed and thinking about everything but then again I was thinking about nothing and thinking too something about internet dating. Anyway, I realized that I don't have a single picture of her and me or even just of her. Strange. Then I realized I don't have pictures of most of the girls I have ever slept with or made out with or done something fun somewhere in between with (though as you might imagine we're not talking about a real big universe here). But I do have plenty of pictures of just me - vain sonofabitch that I am.


The long weekend was nice. I went camping Friday night in Wyoming and Sunday night in Colorado, near Wyoming. It was a nice little get-a-way. I didn't see any fireworks, but there was a lot of smoke. Lots of bacon too.