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Friday, October 13, 2006
Lazy, Bored, Frustrated, etc.

All the reasons I haven't been blogging. I feel constantly frustrated by my progress regarding my physical therapy. Then, I'll see my therapist, have a good session, take a flexion measurement, and suddenly be excited for 24 hours or so. I realize I'm doing quite well, but, still, I'm impatient about the whole thing. I'm sick of crutches, and I'm sick of not being able to easily carry anything.

My knee feels pretty good. It looks real good. Come my next trip to the beach, you'll never even notice I had been hurt. Of course part of that is my legs are hairy enough to mostly hide the scars. Part is that the scars are healing very nicely.

I'm most excited to have been given the green light to begin weight bearing. It's the beginning of the end. I can't wait to have a free hand to carry things. The PT and the exercises probably get even more important now as I learn to walk again so that I can end up with a normal gait. I'm looking forward to it though.

It's a little strange how much I enjoy the physical therapy. I definitely most look forward to my twice weekly sessions. They're usually at least a little bit painful, but I'm really into the whole aspect of learning how my body heals and the tricks used to encourage that healing. The exercises at home aren't nearly so enticing. I certainly understand their importance, but, really, the whole 45-50 minute workout has become rather monotonous. Hopefully I'll start to get a new set of exercises to replace, instead of add on to, the ones I'm doing now.

Opening Day

Friday the thirteenth, and it's lucky as can be. A-Basin opened today, the earliest opening in its 60-year history. I celebrated by getting a note from my doctor this morning explaining that I will not be able to ski this season so that I can get my pass cost refunded.

Still, I've been irrationally giddy all week that ski season is upon us. I start weight-bearing on my leg today with a gradual increase of weight at about 25 pounds per week. That should put me crutch- and limp-free somewhere around the beginning of December - about a month earlier than I had been thinking. I fully expect to get a day or two in skiing late season, but I won't try much more than that this year. Maybe if I'm lucky, by next season, I'll be living in Summit County. Or maybe I'll have a better job that will let me spend more time up there. That would work too.