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Thursday, February 23, 2006
New Song

If King of the Surf Guitar isn't on your Top-5-albums-I'd-want-with-me-if-I-were-stranded-on-a-dessert-island list, then you and I aren't thinking about the same island.

Did I mention I'm going to the islands?


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well, I've made it up to about 6,800 songs loaded onto the ipod so far. I'd like to make it to 10k before heading for vacation in a week and a half, but I don't know if I'll make it with everything else that needs doing. At least there's enough on there now that I feel the variety and randomness has improved. Need to get an outlet charger too. Oh yeah, and a case too. I've been lucky with regard to scratches so far, but I know I'm on borrowed time now.

Here's a song for you. No theme or hidden message here, but I find this to be a pretty great example of some rockin' punk rock. This one serves as a pretty good way to get my engine revving in the AM. I try to time it so it's playing as I'm getting off the elevator.

Resume Time

I've been in my current position for one year now. One of the guys I work with was telling me today that I needed to set aside two days at the end of September for a seminar. I will be very disappointed if at the end of September I am still in my current position. I don't care if he's been doing damn near the exact same thing and answering the exact same questions for 15 years. That is too deep a rut, and I need to be careful not to steer too close. A year is enough in a job like this. It's time for something more challenging: internally or otherwise. I feel like I'm well liked by the powers that be, but I don't think for a second that they would make overtures to keep me around. That feeling alone makes me want to give them the opportunity.

The Eyes Have It

Click here to see the story about what happened the last time Graeme and his lady friend came to town. They return this weekend for more skiing in Colorado. I will try hard not to kick myself in the face this time.

Thursday, February 09, 2006
Al and John

Good to hear they'll be working together, but Madden and Collinsworth might have been pretty interesting. Fascinating story that Michaels was traded for the rights to Mickey Mouse's forefather.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Impeach the Bum

The last post reminds me that I've got a much longer, half-formed rant rattling around in my head that I mean to sit down and think/write out at some point. The conclusion is that the President has no respect for the law, has broken the law, and should be prosecuted for such. Hopefully, I'll get to it eventually. I can hardly imagine voting Republican next time around, but if my other choice is Mrs. Clinton or the haughty looking Senator from Davos, I'll probably have to.

The Future??

My sister sends this link showing a not so preposterous software integration suite that can be used to compile and use lots of information about you. I responded with the following rant.

Why do you think the grocery stores give you those shopping cards? They're doing just this sort of stuff. Walmart is putting RFID devices in all of their merchandise which will allow them to drive by your home and know what you still have left. Amazon recommends what you should read; Netflix knows what you want to watch; Tivo knows what you are watching and how many times you rewound to see Janet Jackson's nipple at the Superbowl. The airports are using imaging technology that can see through your clothes and into and through your body and will soon be performing lie detector tests on flyers. You have to take a urine test to screen for diabetes and medications before a job will hire you. It's all very scary. Part of this is technology and part of this is politics. George Bush and his cronies have done irreparable harm to our civil liberties. But hey, at least music is free nowadays.

An Active Judiciary

I think I am generally opposed to legislating from the bench. I don't pretend to know enough about our legal system to have a real feel for how prevalent this is, but I suspect it doesn't occur often. I do appreciate that this judge had the nerve to speak out about the laws he is forced to adjudicate. I think the Congress and state legislatures are vastly more corrupt than the Judicial Branch. But maybe I'm just saying all these things because deep down I want to be a judge and want to believe that it is somehow a noble profession.

I'm Sure It's Nice

But I'm not moving to Chicago. It seems like this keeps coming up again and again from different people and different angles and in different ways, but I'm not going to Chicago. If I leave Denver, I suspect it will be for somewhere more remote. If I do move to another metropolis, Manhattan seems much more desireable. I think DC would even be ahead of Chicago. I don't know any people there, but at least I know the city - or at least parts of it - or at least I did a decade ago. I appreciate that Chicago is a big place and that it is more segregated (for better or worse) than most other big cities, but my overall impression is of sprawling bleakness and constant traffic. Don't get me wrong, I'll visit and party when given the opportunity, and I am thrilled that so many of you find that the city rocks, but it's not for me.