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Monday, March 22, 2004

John Lynch is a Bronco!?!! Nice. D. is gonna be good this year.

Sunday, March 14, 2004
I Quit!

Tomorrow morning, I am giving my two weeks notice at work. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

50% of my readers have already linked to this story. Actually, I though I had linked to it sometime back, but I guess I didn't.

"My name is Jonathan, and I am an introvert."

Now won't you please leave me alone? (Keep reading and leaving comments, just don't expect me to talk to you in the hallways.)


Ok, so it's going to be Bush versus Kerry. I can't quite decide what to do or think about this.

On the one hand you have Kerry who will undoubtedly increase taxes to pay for welfare-type programs. The guy wants to be called the black president or some such nonsense. My bet is that a black president would push hard for more welfare and more affirmative action. I don't know what the NRA thinks of the guy, and I would be interested to know. He's more liberal than Bill or Hillary. He's a Kennedy without the drug and weight problems. He's smarmy and annoying, and seems intensely dislikeable at a personal level.

On the other hand you have Bush who is pretty much just playing bitch to el presidente Fox. He wants to throw the borders wide open and let everyone collect welfare checks. The immigration thing pisses me off, but it's gay marriage that will probably keep me from voting for him.

I'm not gay, and I don't really have any gay friends. I know a few gay folks in town and used to work with tons of fags when I lived in DC and worked in the restaurant business. But what the hell difference does it make whether a guy wants to marry a woman or another guy? What difference does it make to me? To you? To Bush? To your parents? To the neighbors of the newly weds? None. Not a bit.

I don't buy the judeo-xtian argument that god only wants men to fuck women. Hell, I don't buy their concept of a god. I understand that this is a nation founded on judeo-xtian values. Good. Thanks for getting things jump started and rolling along. Let's go back to a little common sense and reasoning now. Who you or I or the rainbow pendant wearing bull dyke falls in love with and wants to marry is none of the government's business.

I love that there seems to be a groundswell in this movement right now. I haven't been reading much more than the headlines on any of the stories, but the time seems to have come to address the issue. I'm don't trust Bush and AG Ashcroft to take the right approach here. I hate how liberal the California federal and state courts have become, and I have deep fears that the concept or personal responsibility is a dying one in the western courts. Still, this issue is more basic, more fundamental than a lot of other issues before the courts. I don't think Bush's people will handle it properly.

I love how Bush handled the terrorist attacks. I think going to Iraq when and how we did will pay long term dividends. I think that in a second term his foreign policy would remain sound. But you know what? Foreign policy doesn't effect me much. When and where it does it is dramatically less than domestic policy. Bush has Ashcroft and his henchmen cross referencing my King Soopers grocery card with my library card with my cash flow from my checking account with my 1040 returns for the past ten years with by boarding pass and their making it so fucking annoying and impossible to travel anywhere.

Terrorist attacks on the international stage will continue until there are either no more jews or no more muslims. In all likelihood, neither of these groups is going anywhere quickly. Domestically, we still haven't seen any suicide bombers or car bombs going off in New York or DC or Iowa City. It's happened in London and Dublin and Moscow, but not here. When it does happen (and I suspect that eventually it will) whoever is president will be forced to respond quickly and decisively. I think that if Gore had won, he would have followed a similar path that Bush did. Maybe I'm being too generous, but I have a feeling that the response to any such attack is driven as much by the intelligence and military planners as it is the politicians. Any monkey in the office can review the information and follow advice.

I think that brings us back to domestic policies. I'm not sure that I can vote for Kerry, but I am almost certain that I cannot vote for Bush. I like the guy. I think he would be fun to hang out with if he would start drinking again. But I think perhaps he's too much the teetotaler and too much the zealot. Too bad there's not a viable third choice.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I read that Howard Stern is preaching that Bush needs to go. I don't think Bush should underestimate the power Stern wields. The whole indecency thing is bullshit anyway. Let Stern do fart jokes. Let Janet's breast sag and flop. Let Opie promote sex in the cathedral. Who cares? It's funny. If you don't like it, turn it off; don't listen. But don't tell me what comedians I can and can't listen to.

Site Updates

My counter isn't working right. My links on the left are way outdated. I'd like to post my resume online. I'd like to post a list of reasons why women should date me online. I have lots of things that I want to do here. But, well, just read the previous two entries.

Prescription Drugs

Next time I go to Mexico, I am going to buy some Ritalin. I have such a difficult time maintaining my train of thought. There is so much that I need to be doing. I have so many things that I am behind on. I feel like everything is completely scattered all of the time. This isn't really anything new. My brain is always ten steps ahead of what I can actually keep up with or accomplish. My attention span is for shit. I read the first three paragraphs of most news stories. If I make it beyong that it's a trick. I think too sometimes that I need whatever drug it is that they advertise for generalized anxiety disorder. I suspect though that such a drug must be similar to Ritalin in terms of what it does to the brain and how.

I would like to try these drugs, but I dare not discuss such a thing with a physician. That would go down on my permanent record. (Not like this online confessional won't be preserved in some cache somewhere forever anyway.) I don't think that I could take those things regularly. I dated a girl in high school whose brother was on Prozac or some similar medication. His parents could never keep him on the regimen for long because he complained that he felt like his thoughts weren't his own any more. That terrifies me. I hate the thought that these pychotropic meds might actually change how I create and interpret my own thoughts. I'm willing to experiment, but I don't want to take them regularly.

Work Sucks

I am so behind with things like paying bills and blogging and responding to emails and reading some books. I go to work early every day, stay late most nights, and go in on the weekends. I'm burnt. After I have been there a year, I will get one week of vacation. Yep. One week a year. If I make it a year.


Hyena has pointed out a couple of times to me recently that whenever I get a new job, I tend to really spend a lot of time at it trying to master the gig. It's a character trait that I guess I was vaguely aware of but hadn't clearly identified. Right now I'm working so hard that I am not giving myself the time to update my resume and look for another job. I need to get my priorities straight and try to get something accomplished.


I think that Barnaby and Salo will make nice additions to the Avs. Hopefully, Salo won't need to play much and Aebischer will continue on as well as he has been playing this season.

Lang's out for a month, which won't help the Wings at all. Good. It's crowded at the top (really on both sides of the brackets). It's going to be a great finish to the season.

Bertuzzi may be going the way of McSorley (more here and here). Good. I get that it's a violent game and that the puck takes strange bounces and that people fall and get hurt. But you don't break a guy's fucking neck.

Fat and Smokey

Obesity is killing almost as many people as smoking. Frankly, I'm surprised that it hasn't surpassed cigarettes. Actually, I am a bit surprised that from 1990 to 2000 the number of smoking related deaths increased by nearly 10% (in real numbers, not percentage of population).

Don't you people know better? I learned my lesson. I quit. If I can do it after smoking for around 14 years and starting before I could drive, then anyone else can do it too. Get the monkey off your back. You'll feel better for it.

I've been giving the smokers at work a hard time lately, but I still let them smoke in my car when we go to lunch. They're making the wrong choice, but they still get the choice. I would prefer to occassionally smoke some marijuana, but it's illegal, so I don't have the choice.

In Hell, continued

Abu, I'll see you in hell too. Or I imagine I would if I had the imagination sufficient to believe in gods and heavens and hells and angels and boogey men and their ilk. In any case, I'm glad he's dead.