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Friday, June 27, 2008
Ex Ex

I just found out that an ex-girlfriend of mine died on Wednesday. She was a blind date setup for me by a co-worker. We dated for less than a year, and I did not keep in touch with her after we broke up. Angie was a nice girl who enjoyed partying. We never quite connected on an intellectual level, but we shared some good times. She was a big fan of horror movies.

I owe her a great debt in that she helped me realize that I was interested in dating girls and that the troubles and inconveniences of dating could be worth it. Before Angie, I hadn't dated anyone for several years. Since her, I've dated one girl from MySpace and another from Match and have had/am having great relationships with both. I'm not sure how much longer I would have drawn out my isolationism without her, but it might have been a long time.

I'll miss her funeral due to other plans this weekend, so this is my goodbye. Cheers, Angie. You were a sweetie.