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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Colts 91 - Broncos 10

Hopefully it'll at least stay that close.

Friday, September 28, 2007
I ♥ Lexi

I watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy last night. The younger Grey is ridiculously cute. I nearly melted in my seat for the scene when she walks up to George, the camera zooms in on their faces, and she says something to the effect of, "It's like a cute fest in here." Anywhere she goes.


Ian Curtis was dead before I even knew who he was. Heck, I was only 7 when he hanged himself. But that doesn't mean I wasn't a big fan. There's a new movie out next week about his life, death, and band. The Sun is there to talk to his surviving band mates about the movie, Closer. Here's a tune for you too: Passover (right click + save as).

Thursday, September 27, 2007
It Gets Worse

Men "aged 35-44 invariably hit a mid-life crisis when their happiness level plunges lower than at any other age, according to a study for the Government.

It makes them the least satisfied members of society, scoring well below teenagers, the elderly - and women of all ages."

I've had a passable last two years or so, which I can never quite decide if is attributable to my return to dating after an extended, celibate hiatus or not. I hate to think that the next 10 years or so will find me feeling worse than I did for the most part of the last 10. It wouldn't surprise me, but at least I think that I may handle my dissatisfaction differently.


Monkeys are funny too: "The monkeys grab their breasts, and gesture at us while pointing at their private parts. We are afraid that they will sexually harass us."

Well, if monkey rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.


When I worked at a video store in high school, I'd often watch the stand-up comedy tapes. They're short and generally funny, and I do believe that exposing yourself to more comedy helps you further your humor appreciation: the more funny stuff you watch, the more you'll see funny all around you. I recall being shocked to find out that Bob Saget, from Full House which was still airing back then, was not only truly funny, but also very, very dirty. If you've seen the Aristocrats, you've seen at least a hint of that.

I was interested to hear that he had a new HBO stand-up special that is particularly dirty.
It is a set so percussive with profanity, it seems almost impossible to fit one more dirty word in anywhere. It is the kind of material that would make Larry Flynt blush.

While the specifics cannot be reproduced in a wholesome newspaper, Saget in his HBO ramblings presents flights of deviant fantasy about his years of hosting "America's Funniest Home Videos" (1990-1997). This he alternates with outbursts of mock anger about his mocking portrayal on "South Park," his more recent creepy turn as a bordello's best customer on the show "Entourage" and the dirty joke documentary "The Aristocrats," all blurted out in a word salad of language so blisteringly blue that a parallel diagnosis, as Saget freely admits on HBO, of Tourette's syndrome cannot be ruled out.
Of course, I can't watch MNF on ESPN, much less something so entertaining on HBO. But, luckily, there are the torrents. It looks like it's going to take me 3 or 4 hours to download the routine, but it'll be done before I go to bed, and I'll be laughing all weekend long. Bob Saget is a very funny man.

Brain Plaque

Alzheimer's might be type III diabetes. Interesting. Fascinating. If it's right, a treatment, though perhaps not a true cure, may be just around the corner. That'd be a good thing. It's a much scarier disease than any cancer.

If I had it to do over again, I think I might have liked to have been some sort of brain scientist.

Monday, September 17, 2007
New Computer

I recently got a new desktop. I bought it from the same fellow from whom my brother had recently purchased a system. He found the guy on Craig's List. I've had mine about three weeks and he's had his for 8+. So far, we've had no problems and are very satisfied.

$350 bought me a 3.4 ghz Pentium D (D is for dual) Dell Optiplex 745 with 2 gb of RAM, a 140 gb harddrive, a dvd reader/cd burner combo drive, and a 19" flat panel Dell monitor and included the original Windows XP disk and the Dell drivers disk. The computer came with no virtually no software other than the OS installed on it which was very nice.

Having the Windows install disk is a big relief. One of the reasons I needed to upgrade was because my last computer could not be updated beyond WinXP service pack 1. I had originally bought the system used and did not fully understand that I was getting something with a bootlegged OS. Eventually, Windows stopped allowing me to get updates. After a while - SP2 was released way back in '04 - other computer programs quit running well since my OS wasn't up to date. That's all solved now and everything seems remarkably faster.

I'm still going through and getting all of the necessary programs downloaded. I've got the Google suite, Firefox and Thunderbird, anti-virus, FTP, iTunes, Trillian IM, VLC, uTorrent, and a handful of others so far. GIMPShop and OpenOffice are downloading now. It's fun getting all of the necessities all loaded up and working. It's just so amazing that everything is free. I have a number of links noted that all talk about the best freeware programs that are out there, and I look forward to really getting this baby zipping along.

Friday, September 14, 2007
Bright Eyes

We went and saw Bright Eyes at the Ogden last night. It was the kick-off show for their new tour. It was a fun show. The pedal steel guitar is a neat instrument that I've hear before, but I don't think I had ever seen. It makes some neat sounds that I had figured were done only in the studio. I am often impressed by the ability of bands to play a live show that out does the sound that comes through on records. Obviously, that's how it should be, but I guess I tend to go to shows with low expectations. Wilco a couple of weeks back was similarly impressive. Having seen them last year at Red Rocks, I knew that they could really rock, but after listening to Sky Blue Sky, I was worried as to what the show might be like. They did not disappoint. They put on a great show and played only a handful of tunes from the new record. I'd recommend seeing both Bright Eyes and Wilco when they come through your town.