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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Not a Sticker Kind of Guy

I can't say I was at all surprised to come out of the Magnetic Fields show in Boulder last night to find that someone had slapped an ObamaBiden sticker on the trunk of my car. I peeled it right off happy to know that such hijinks are the worst crimes one might have to fear at night in Boulder.

The show was at times magnificent. It was not at all what I was expecting. I figured they were touring for Distortion, the latest album. While they played four, perhaps five, songs from the album, the entire set was acoustic with no distortion or enhancement at all. It was very cool. What voices! I wasn't wild about the Lemony Snicket song or the movie soundtrack song or a couple of pieces that I hadn't heard and didn't recognize. Claudia Gonson had some sort of head cold that combined with her medicine and the altitude was making her all loopy. I think there was probably a lot more on-stage conversing and rambling than they typically would display.

The Denver Post got a rare interview with Stephin before they roled into town. The interview hints at his eccentricity. Certainly the crowd at the show last night was even more eccentric than you'd normally find at an indie rock show in Boulder. And while the interview makes it clear that they, or he at least, hates live shows and touring, I'd certainly encourage you to see them if you get the chance.