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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
No Script for Me

When telemarketers and politicos call, it is common for me to let the speaker go through their script and to give them the one-word yes or no answers they need to progress to the next line in the flow chart. The interesting part in any of these calls is in the script that the caller uses. You don't learn anything from the caller. Biases and goals are revealed from the script. The more of the script that you hear, the more you can give ending answers that are contradictory to the goals of the caller.

I received a call last night from the local Obamaniacs. The young lady introduced herself, said she was supporting Obama, and wanted to know whether I planned to vote and if so whether I planned to vote for O. Clearly the goal of the call was to encourage voting and to engage undecideds or McCain voters in a conversation over the merits of the candidates. When I told her that yes, I planned to vote that no I wasn't voting for Super-O and no I wasn't voting for McCain either but rather for Barr, her script came to a dead end. She seemed stunned. I could hear her flip a couple of pages, but the only thing left she had to say was, "Uhh, ok, thank you for you time." I guess because Barr doesn't even seem to be trying, the major candidates aren't even acknowledging him.

I still haven't decided how I'll actually vote, but I am sure going to keep responding to polls as a Barr supporter. Looking at 538, it seems like your vote and mine will make very little difference. The O-man seems to have this thing pretty well wrapped up despite the competitiveness being promoted in the media. You can't blame the media though. There's no story in a blow-out until after it occurs. You have to go in believing and selling the story that on any given day any team can beat any other. Realistically though, it looks like McCain will get clobbered.