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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Red Rocks

1: I'm drinking a Manhattan; those rocks are reddish brown. I've made hundreds of Manhattans in my day, but only just in the past few days have I made them for myself. I have a new appreciation for this classic cocktail. In the bars, I never made mine with bitters. At home I've been using them and now feel bad for the many I shortchanged. The first Manhattan I made for myself I built with rye whiskey. I bought a bottle of Jim Beam Rye Bourbon, and I am finding that I really enjoy it. It's lighter than regular Beam, but has a little different flavor and bite to it. I prefer it with a generous splash of water or in a Manhattan as compared to the regular which I generally take straight or on the rocks.

2: I'm seeing Social Distortion at Red Rocks in July. I'll bring a date if I can think it through. Other shows of interest are Sonic Youth at the Gothic sometime and Death Cab for Cutie somewhere in August.